What makes you feel alive?

That was the late night question that started our journey to build a teardrop camper from scratch and begin planning a life of adventure. 

We’re Andrew and Mackenzie. Husband and wife teardrop travelers on a quest for simple, intentional living in the great outdoors. 

Andrew is a fearless outdoorsman, who loves rock climbing, mountain biking, caving, running, adventure racing and just about anything that puts him in the woods. He’s a simple man who doesn’t know a stranger and can tell you great stories from surfing in Costa Rica to completing a mountain challenge in Maine. 

Mackenzie loves the outdoors for its wild landscapes, fresh air and the inspiration it brings to her cooking. Known to tear up over the rich hue of swiss chard or the bright scent of a lemon, Mackenzie has a close relationship with the food she eats and the meals she prepares. Whether in the woods or at home, you can find her setting a table, opening a bottle of wine and inviting friends to share feasts and fables. 

This blog will follow our travels and document the food we cook, the people we meet and the lessons we learn along the way. 

Follow along with us, or better yet, tell us where to go!